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1. Introduction | 2016-03-07 Mon.
  • In South Korea, mathematics graduates are demanded in lots of industries. However, there are few people good at mathematics and English literacy.
  • If you learn English through mathematics, you can get used to using advanced English words.
  • The revolution of the ‘fundamental theorem of calculus’.
  • Continuity makes us use the Intermediate Value Theorem(IVT), which can be used to find approximate values.
  • Following the uncertainty principle, the observing the nature has limit. Between some boundaries, it is still reasonable to consider the value we found as the limit of the solution.
Classification of mathematics
  • By approach: algebra, analysis
  • By theme: number theory, topology, geometry, combinatorics
Story Flow of Analysis


2. Finite and Infinite | 2016-03-09 Wed.
  • Number
  • The category of the numbers
  • What is infinity?
  • Infinity sets
  • |\mathbb{N}|=|\mathbb{Q}|=\aleph_{0}<|\mathbb{R}|=\aleph_{1}
  • Whether \aleph_{1/2} exists or not, the foundation of mathematics is not affected.
  • Know how to prove |\mathbb{N}| < |\mathbb{R}|
  • “We live in the DISCRETE world.” “우리는 유한의 세계에 살고 있다.”
  • “There are an infinity-like finite set.” “무한 같은 유한이 있다.”



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