James H. Simons – My Life in Mathematics (Seoul ICM 2014)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP1ltutTN_4?rel=0]

  • Guiding principles
    1. Just do something that everybody else isn’t doing.
    2. Partner with the best people you can find. Partners amplify you can do. You have to choose your partners carefully. Work with the best people you can find.
    3. Be guided by beauty.
    4. Don’t give up easily. Stick with things even when it really hurts. To do good things can take time.
    5. Hope for some good luck.
  • My comments
    • I felt the first guiding principle well demonstrates his success in financial business despite desperate situations. That was really his own words.
    • Partnership is one of my weak points. From now on, I am just thriving to be a good partner.
    • Pursuit for beauty can guide us to stick with things on satisfying our desire. Hoping for some good luck also helps consistency.

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