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Brief Information
  • Name : Data structure
  • Lecturer : Park Byung-Joon
  • Semester : 2014 Fall
  • Course : BE. Computer Science and Engineering
  • Textbook : Michael Main and Walter Savitch (2010) Data Structures and Other Objects Using C++. 4th Ed. Prentice Hall
  • Syllabus [link]
Trace lectures

Listing themes I learned in the lecture in time order.

  1. Implement the dynamic bag class in the textbook and show it works.
  2. Implement the doubly linked list class in the textbook and show it works.
  3. Implement a deque class with a doubly linked list.
    Write a main program that uses a deque to convert infix arithmetic expressions into postfix ones and to evaluate them.
Summarize themes
  • Container class
  • Pointer and Dynamic array
  • Linked list, Doubly linked list
  • Template and Iterator
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Tree
  • Hash Table



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