Software Lab.3 | CS | Course

Brief Information
  • Name : Advanced Programming
  • Lecturer : 남용욱 (, Kim Yonghyuk (김용혁))
  • Semester : 2015 Spring
  • Course : BE, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Textbook
    • none
  • Syllabus : Syllabus_2015-4-1__Software Lab.3
  • In short
    • Introduction to C# programming language
Trace lectures
  • C# Language Basics
  • C# Console Programming
  • C# Windows Form Program
  • C# Database Interaction – ADO.NET
  • C# Web Programming – ASP.NET
  • C# Socket Programming
  1. Investigate and Summary C# Features.
  2. Implement Fortress Game.
  3. Implement a Web Form which inputs into and outputs from a database.
Software Project

Making web pages to manage my collections of items such as books, movie and songs.

I make programs to deal with XML data from Open APIs and to extract data from other web pages.

Our team used ASP.NET, C#, and Visual Studio 2013 Community

Summarize themes

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