Studying ‘Python’

References Lee, J. W. (2014) Computational Mathematics. Mathematics, Kwangwoon University, spring semester 2014 Miller, B. N. and Ranum, D. L. (2013) Python Programming In Context. 2nd Ed. Jones & Bartlett Learning Klein, P. N. (2013) Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Applications to Computer Science. Newtonian Press. 978-0615880990 This book is used for application of Python in […]

Studying ‘C++’

References – The C++ Resources Network C++ Tutorial – Savitch, W. and Mock, K. (2012) Absolute C++. 5th Ed. Addison-Wesley Advanced Programming | CS | Lecture Meyers, S. (2005) Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs. 3rd Ed. Addison-Wesley Professional Meyers, S. (2014) Effective Modern C++: 42 Specific Ways to Improve Your […]

Studying ‘Engineering Mathematics’

Definitions of ‘Engineering Mathematics’ “A branch of applied mathematics that concerns itself with mathematical methods and techniques that are typically used in engineering and industry.” – from Wikipedia(en) “An interdisciplinary subject motivated by engineers needs both for practical, theoretical and other considerations outwith their specialization, and to deal with constraints to be effective in their work.” – from […]

Studying ‘Numerical Analysis’

Definitions of ‘Numerical Analysis’ the study of algorithms that use numerical approximation for the problem of mathematical analysis – Wikipedia area of mathematics and computer science that creates, analyzes, and implements algorithms for obtaining numerical solutions to problems involving continuous variables – Britannica Key words numerical approximation, mathematical analysis, algorithm Programs performing numerical analysis Maple Mathematica MATLAB Sage […]