Numerical Analysis 2 | MA | Course

Brief Information Name : Numerical Analysis 2 Lecturer : 이진우 Semester : 2015 Spring Course : BS, Mathematics Textbook Sauer, T. (2011) Numerical Analysis. 2nd Ed. Pearson Syllabus : Syllabus_2015-4-1__Numerical Analysis 2 In short Numerical Analysis with implementation using MATLAB Numerical Differentiation and Integration, Ordinary Differential Equations, Boundary Value Problems, Partial Differential Equations, Random Numbers and Applications Trace lectures […]

Vector Calculus and Exercises | LA | Course

Brief Information Name : Vector Calculus and Exercises Lecturer : 강영옥 Semester : 2014 Winter Course : Liberal arts Textbook 송영권, 송형수, 이종우, 이흥수, 지은숙, 허민 (2009) 벡터해석. 교우사 Thomas, G., B. (2006) 미분적분학. 11 Ed. 자유아카데미 Syllabus : Syllabus__Vector Calculus and Exercises In short This lecture focused on understanding vector calculus by intuition rather than by strict mathematical proof. Vector […]

Numerical Analysis 1 | MA | Course

Brief Information Name : Numerical Analysis 1 Lecturer : Lee Jin-woo Semester : 2014 Fall Course : BS, Mathematics Textbook Sauer, T. (2011) Numerical Analysis. 2nd Ed. Pearson Klein, P., N. (2013) Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Applications to Computer Science. 1st Ed.  Newtonian Press Syllabus [link] Trace lectures Listing themes I learned in the […]

Studying ‘Differential Geometry’

Prerequisites calculus, linear algebra. Key words geometry, curves, surfaces Euclidean space Euclidean geometry, Riemannian geometry  Reference O’Neill, B. (2006) Elementary differential geometry. revised 2nd Ed. Academic press prerequisite : calculus, linear algebra Oprea, J. (2007) Differential geometry and its applications. 2nd Ed. The Mathematical Association of America

Studying ‘Set Theory’

Reference Set theory – Wikipedia Best Sellers in Mathematical Set Theory – 송형수 (2008) 기초 집합론. 교우사 You-Feng Lin and Shwu-Yeng T. Lin(1999) Set theory: An intuitive approach. Kyung Moon Publishers. Hrbacek, K. and Jech, T. (1999) Introduction to Set Theory. 3rd Ed Revised and Expanded. Marcel Dekker Lipschutz, S. (1998) Schaum’s Outline of Set Theory and Related […]

Studying ‘History of Mathematics’

Reference Boyer, C. B. and Merzbach, U. C. (2011) A History of Mathematics. 3rd Ed. Wiley. 9780470525487 Eves, H. (1990) An Introduction to the History of Mathematics. 6th Ed. Cengage Learning. 9780030295584 Eves, H. (1983) Great Moments in Mathematics After 1650. Mathematical Assn of Amer. 9780883853115 Eves, H. (2012). Foundations and Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics. 3th Sub Ed. Dover Publications. Burton, D. (2010). The […]