How to Get and Change the Current Working Directory | Python

How to Get the Current Working Directory

How to Change the Current Working Directory


Studying ‘Entrepreneurship’

Entrepreneurs Steve Jobs Bill Gates Elon Musk Peter Thiel Eric Schmidt Sergey Brin Larry Page  References Entrepreneurship | YouTube Video Play List I have gathered Entrepreneur – Start, run and grow your business. Ashlee Vance (2015) Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future. Ecco | Book Best Sellers in Business Entrepreneurship | Interviews with entrepreneurs […]

Steve Jobs: Secrets of Life

Video info. Steve Jobs Interview 1994-11-14 NeXT Computer Headquarters Redwood City, California USA Made by Silicon Valley Historical Association Steve was asked to reply to the questions in statement form. The overall purpose of the interview was to give advice to college and university students. Summary 0:22 There is no risk. That’s why you need […]

ICM 2014 Summary | Programs I participated

0 day | 8/12 Registration [1] [title] Welcome reception 1 day | 8/13 Cultural Event | Public Lecture | James Simons, My Life in Mathematics 2 day | 8/14 Invited Section Lecture | Mihalis Dafermos, The mathematical analysis of black holes in general relativity Lecture | Emmy Noether Lecture by Georgia Benkart 3 day | 8/15 Special Lecture by Fields Medalist | Artur Avila Invited […]