Kruskal’s Algorithm

Kruskal’s Algorithm Approach: greedy approach Purpose: to find a minimum spanning tree in a weighted graph Example   References Kruskal’s Algorithm | Essay Assignment | Seminar on Advanced Mathematics Spanning Tree | tutorialspoint Kruskal’s Spanning Tree Algorithm | tutorialspoint Prim’s Spanning Tree Algorithm | tutorialspoint


In practice, quicksort outperforms merge sort, and it significantly outperforms selection sort and insertion sort. The average-case running time of quicksort is as good as mergesort’s. That’s because the constant factor hidden in the big-Θ notation for quicksort makes mergesort quite faster than mergesort. Not using additional storage. pivot, split point Example References Overview of quicksort | […]

Embedded Operating System (Android) | CS

Brief Information Name : Operating System 운영체제 Lecturer : Ahn Woohyun 안우현 Semester : 2016 Fall Major : BE, Computer Science and Engineering Textbook 박성근 (2014)『이것이 안드로이드다』한빛미디어 김상형 (2016)『안드로이드 프로그래밍 정복 1』한빛미디어 김상형 (2016)『안드로이드 프로그래밍 정복 2』한빛미디어 Syllabus : Syllabus_2016-5-2__Embedded Operating System.pdf In short Programming Android programs Review the Tests Midterm: Know the code routine for a certain […]

Implementing the File System | Assignment 3 | Operating System

Brief Information Title: Implementing the File System Hand-in date: 2016-05-17 Tue. Due date (1st): 2016-05-29 Sun. Due date (2nd): 2016-05-31 Tue. Due date (3rd): 2016-06-26 Sun. How to do the assignment: (pdf files) Homework 3 Homework 3: appendix 과제3 변경 및 중요사항(Homework 3: changes and important notices) Trace 2016-05-21 Sat. 23:13: Read the instructions. Try to implement […]

Implementing a Buffer Cache | Assignment 2 | Operating System

Brief Information Title: Implementing a Buffer Cache Hand-in date: 2016-04-14 Mon. Due date: 2016-05-13 Wed. How to do the assignment: (pdf files) Operating System) Assignment 2) Homework2-1(partially edited by SJ).pdf Operating System) Assignment 2) Homework2-2(partially edited by SJ).pdf Trace 2016-04-12 Tue.: Homework 2-1.pptx handed in. The file was explained on this day. 2016-04-14 Thu.: Homework […]

Interconnected One Hash Table and Two Doubly Linked Lists | Assignment 1 | Operating System

How to do the assignment: Operating System) Assignment 1) Instruction.pdf Trace 2016-03-19 Sat.: Developing environment has been set. I made a tutorial to set the environment. 2016-03-19 Sat.: Three functions are implemented: GetObjectFromObjFreeList, InsertObjectIntoObjFreeList, InsertObjectToTail, and InsertObjectToHead 2016-03-20 Sun.: All implemented. I have matched the implemented code and the instruction one by one. 2016-03-28 Mon.: I got the […]