Neural Network for Machine Learning | by Geoffrey Hinton | Coursera

Brief Information Course name : Neural Network for Machine Learning Lecturer : Geoffrey Hinton Duration: Syllabus Record Certificate Learning outcome About this course Learn about artificial neural networks and how they’re being used for machine learning, as applied to speech and object recognition, image segmentation, modeling language and human motion, etc. We’ll emphasize both the basic algorithms […]

Kruskal’s Algorithm

Kruskal’s Algorithm Approach: greedy approach Purpose: to find a minimum spanning tree in a weighted graph Example   References Kruskal’s Algorithm | Essay Assignment | Seminar on Advanced Mathematics Spanning Tree | tutorialspoint Kruskal’s Spanning Tree Algorithm | tutorialspoint Prim’s Spanning Tree Algorithm | tutorialspoint


In practice, quicksort outperforms merge sort, and it significantly outperforms selection sort and insertion sort. The average-case running time of quicksort is as good as mergesort’s. That’s because the constant factor hidden in the big-Θ notation for quicksort makes mergesort quite faster than mergesort. Not using additional storage. pivot, split point Example References Overview of quicksort | […]

Embedded Operating System (Android) | CS

Brief Information Name : Operating System 운영체제 Lecturer : Ahn Woohyun 안우현 Semester : 2016 Fall Major : BE, Computer Science and Engineering Textbook 박성근 (2014)『이것이 안드로이드다』한빛미디어 김상형 (2016)『안드로이드 프로그래밍 정복 1』한빛미디어 김상형 (2016)『안드로이드 프로그래밍 정복 2』한빛미디어 Syllabus : Syllabus_2016-5-2__Embedded Operating System.pdf In short Programming Android programs Review the Tests Midterm: Know the code routine for a certain […]

Implementing the File System | Assignment 3 | Operating System

Brief Information Title: Implementing the File System Hand-in date: 2016-05-17 Tue. Due date (1st): 2016-05-29 Sun. Due date (2nd): 2016-05-31 Tue. Due date (3rd): 2016-06-26 Sun. How to do the assignment: (pdf files) Homework 3 Homework 3: appendix 과제3 변경 및 중요사항(Homework 3: changes and important notices) Trace 2016-05-21 Sat. 23:13: Read the instructions. Try to implement […]

Implementing a Buffer Cache | Assignment 2 | Operating System

Brief Information Title: Implementing a Buffer Cache Hand-in date: 2016-04-14 Mon. Due date: 2016-05-13 Wed. How to do the assignment: (pdf files) Operating System) Assignment 2) Homework2-1(partially edited by SJ).pdf Operating System) Assignment 2) Homework2-2(partially edited by SJ).pdf Trace 2016-04-12 Tue.: Homework 2-1.pptx handed in. The file was explained on this day. 2016-04-14 Thu.: Homework […]