Interconnected One Hash Table and Two Doubly Linked Lists | Assignment 1 | Operating System

How to do the assignment: Operating System) Assignment 1) Instruction.pdf Trace 2016-03-19 Sat.: Developing environment has been set. I made a tutorial to set the environment. 2016-03-19 Sat.: Three functions are implemented: GetObjectFromObjFreeList, InsertObjectIntoObjFreeList, InsertObjectToTail, and InsertObjectToHead 2016-03-20 Sun.: All implemented. I have matched the implemented code and the instruction one by one. 2016-03-28 Mon.: I got the […]

Operating System Concepts. 9th Ed. by A. Silberschatz and P. B. Galvin (2012) Wiley

Title: Operating System Concepts Authors: A. Silberschatz, P. B. Galvin Publisher: Wiley Published Year: 2012 Contents Part 1: Overview Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Operating-System Structures Part 2: Process Management Chapter 3: Processes Chapter 4: Threads Chapter 5: Process Synchronization Chapter 6: CPU Scheduling Chapter 7: Deadlocks Part 3: Memory Management Chapter 8: Main Memory Chapter 9: […]

Operating System | CS | Course

Brief Information Name : Operating System 운영체제 Lecturer : Ahn Woohyun 안우현 Semester : 2016 Spring Major : BE, Computer Science and Engineering Textbook Silberschatz, A., Galvin, P. B. & Gagne, G. (2008) Operating System Concepts. 8th Ed. Wiley Syllabus : Syllabus_2016-5-1__Operating System.pdf In short Assignments [Assignment 1] Interconnected One Hash Table and Two Doubly Linked Lists | Operating System […]

The Empty String, the Empty List, and Zero All Evaluate to False

The empty string, the empty list, the empty dictionary, the empty set, and zero all evaluate to False.


Conversion Between Str and Bytes

Diagram: Conversion Between Str and Bytes Conversion to String

  Conversion To Bytes

  Write a File in Write Binary Mode (‘wb’)

  Write a File in Write Character Mode (‘w’)


How to Get and Change the Current Working Directory | Python

How to Get the Current Working Directory

How to Change the Current Working Directory


Studying ‘Artificial Intelligence’

Study Procedure Find and understand overall sub-fields of the artificial intelligence References Artificial intelligence – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Introduction to the artificial intelligence Sub-fields of the Artificial Intelligence The fields of the AI can be classified by goals, approaches, and tools. Goals Deduction, reasoning, problem solving Knowledge representation Default reasoning and the qualification problem […]

Integrated Timeline of History | Project

Where to show the timeline? Web Which data sources are your going to use? Wikipedia Other historical data sources Why do this project? Whenever I study any fields of history, comparing two events is an inconvenient work, which require. Which functions will you implement? Show all historical events in one timeline. Comparing two events by […]

Machine Learning: Regression | Machine Learning Specialization | Coursera

Brief Information Name : Machine Learning: Regression Lecturer : Carlos Guestrin and Emily Fox Duration: 2015-12-28 ~ 2016-02-15 (6 weeks) Course : The 2nd(2/6) course of Machine Learning Specialization in Coursera Syllabus Record Certificate Learning outcome Describe the input and output of a regression model. Compare and contrast bias and variance when modeling data. Estimate model parameters using optimization algorithms. […]