Studying ‘Differential Geometry’

Prerequisites calculus, linear algebra. Key words geometry, curves, surfaces Euclidean space Euclidean geometry, Riemannian geometry  Reference O’Neill, B. (2006) Elementary differential geometry. revised 2nd Ed. Academic press prerequisite : calculus, linear algebra Oprea, J. (2007) Differential geometry and its applications. 2nd Ed. The Mathematical Association of America

Studying ‘Statistics’

Fields of Statistics (From Wikipedia) Computational statistics Data mining Regression Simulation Bootstrap Design of experiments Block design Analysis of variance Response surface methodology Sample Survey Sampling theory Statistical modelling Multivariate analysis Structural equation model Time series Reliability theory Quality control Statistical theory Decision theory Mathematical statistics Probability Survey methodology   Fields of Statistics  (From Namu […]

Studying ‘Set Theory’

Reference Set theory – Wikipedia Best Sellers in Mathematical Set Theory – 송형수 (2008) 기초 집합론. 교우사 You-Feng Lin and Shwu-Yeng T. Lin(1999) Set theory: An intuitive approach. Kyung Moon Publishers. Hrbacek, K. and Jech, T. (1999) Introduction to Set Theory. 3rd Ed Revised and Expanded. Marcel Dekker Lipschutz, S. (1998) Schaum’s Outline of Set Theory and Related […]

Studying ‘History of Mathematics’

Reference Boyer, C. B. and Merzbach, U. C. (2011) A History of Mathematics. 3rd Ed. Wiley. 9780470525487 Eves, H. (1990) An Introduction to the History of Mathematics. 6th Ed. Cengage Learning. 9780030295584 Eves, H. (1983) Great Moments in Mathematics After 1650. Mathematical Assn of Amer. 9780883853115 Eves, H. (2012). Foundations and Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics. 3th Sub Ed. Dover Publications. Burton, D. (2010). The […]

Studying ‘Computer Architecture’

Reference Book: Computer Organization and Design, Fourth Edition by Patterson and Hennessy Lecture: ‘Computer architecture’ in Spring semester 2014 Web: Computer architecture – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Web: Computer Architecture Tutorial by Gurpur M. Prabhu Web: What is Computer Architecture? – Definition from Techopedia External Links Free ebook Computer Organization and Design, Fourth edition […]

Studying ‘Python’

References Lee, J. W. (2014) Computational Mathematics. Mathematics, Kwangwoon University, spring semester 2014 Miller, B. N. and Ranum, D. L. (2013) Python Programming In Context. 2nd Ed. Jones & Bartlett Learning Klein, P. N. (2013) Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Applications to Computer Science. Newtonian Press. 978-0615880990 This book is used for application of Python in […]

Studying ‘C++’

References – The C++ Resources Network C++ Tutorial – Savitch, W. and Mock, K. (2012) Absolute C++. 5th Ed. Addison-Wesley Advanced Programming | CS | Lecture Meyers, S. (2005) Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs. 3rd Ed. Addison-Wesley Professional Meyers, S. (2014) Effective Modern C++: 42 Specific Ways to Improve Your […]