Minds and Machines (24.09x) | edX

Brief Summary Course title: Minds and Machines [HOME] Platform: edX Duration: 15 weeks Instructors: Alex Byrne, Chair of Philosophy Section, MIT Ryan Doody, PhD in Philosophy & Linguistics, MIT Short summary of this course An introduction to philosophy of mind, exploring consciousness, reality, AI, and more. The most in-depth philosophy course available online. About this course What is […]

Studying ‘Linguistics’

Fields of Linguistics 구분1: 시간 공시언어학 Descriptive linguistic 어떤 한 순간의 언어 상태를 연구 통시언어학/역사언어학 Historical linguistics 시간에 따른 언어의 변화를 연구 구분2: 연구 대상 음성학 Phonetics 음성의 물리적 성질 음운론 Phonology 화자가 말할 때 심리적으로 구분하는 소리(음운) 형태론 Morphology 단어의 내부 구조 통사론 Syntax 문장의 내부 구조 의미론 Semantics 단어의 의미와 단어의 조합에 따른 의미 변화 화용론 Pragmatics 대화에서 화자의 […]

Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences | Coursera

Brief Information Course name: Philosophy and the Sciences: Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences Online platform: Coursera Lecturer: Suilin Lavelle, Kenny Smith, Mark Sprevak, David Carmel, Andy Clark & Barbara Webb in The University of Edinburgh Duration: 2017-03-20 ~ 04-24 (4 weeks) I started on 2017-03-24. Course information Record Grade Achieved: 100% Grades in detail: [LINK] […]

Integrated Timeline of History | Project

Where to show the timeline? Web Which data sources are your going to use? Wikipedia Other historical data sources Why do this project? Whenever I study any fields of history, comparing two events is an inconvenient work, which require. Which functions will you implement? Show all historical events in one timeline. Comparing two events by […]