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  1. Topology 1) Assignment 1.pdf
  2. Topology 1) Assignment 2.pdf


The 1st Test
  • topology, topological space, open set, closed set, closure, interior, exterior, boundary, base, continuity
The 2nd Test
  • open map, closed map, homeomorpism, homeomorphic, subspace, subspace topology, relative topology, identification map, identification topology
The 3rd Final Test


1. Topology and Open Sets | 2016-03-04 Fri.
  • The definition of ‘topology’
  • The definition of ‘open set’
  • How to prove or disprove a given collection is a topology.
2. Various Topologies | 2016-03-11 Fri.
  • The usual topology 보통위상
    • \mathfrak{U} = \{ U\subseteq \mathbb{R} \ |\ a,b \in \mathbb{R} \wedge \exists x \in (a,b) \subseteq U \}
  • The discrete topology 이산위상
  • The indiscrete topology 밀착위상
  • The lower limit topology 아래끝위상
  • The open half-line topology 열린반직선위상
  • The Michael line topology 마이클직선위상
  • Neighborhood 근방
  • particular point topology 특수점위상
  • The finite complement topology[co-finite topology] 여유한위상
  • The countable complement topology 여가산위상

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